Taurus Memo Pad
Taurus Memo Pad

Taurus Memo Pad

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EASY FUN DIY Bookmaker Tablet

Techniques: Laser cutting, hand assembling

Estimated time of delivery: 7-9 business days

Material: Durable Paper (200-300 g/m2)

Size: 160*90*19 mm

Pages Number: 58 pages(include 20-30 bookmarkers)

Packing: Cardboard box

Weight: 300 grams

Notes: When you tear off page by page(experience stress releasing.....), the tablet will finally become a great artwork of 3D paper sculpture, which can be used as a home/workplace ornament to achieve good moods. Pages are easy to tear off and use,  the paper is very durable and can be used as a bookmarker, note, or monthly calendar. 

How to make it a Surprising Personal Gift: Taking apart the tablet by removing the two bottom screws, write what you want to say on pages, then reassemble it by original orders.

Tips: Glue the layers to make the paper sculpture more sustainable.