About AITpaperart


AIT's founder, Ryan Song, was a successful architect with ten years of experiences in designing hotels, resorts and residentials.

Inspired by his daughter's 3D pop up books, Ryan realized that there's so much creativity, love and technology that can be infused into this artistic creation, and that his knowledge and experiences of architectural design will be perfect to bring these values to reality!

Therefore, in 2015, Ryan resigned from his position of lead architect at a renowned architecture design company and founded his own brand of 3D pop-up card AIT, which represents a combination of Aesthetics, Intelligence and Technology, with his determination of creating a new generation of pop-up cards with the highest quality.

Here are some pictures showing how we accomplish to creat a card in AIT studio:

Step 1 Hand sketching;

Step 2 Computer 3D modeling:


Step 3  Laser cutting:

Step 4 Hand assembling:


Step 5 Finish up: