Do You Want Your Customers to WILLINGLY Remember Your Brand, Logo,
Revive Your Story, Develop A PERSONAL FEELING,
At the Same Time, You Pocket a MORE THAN 50% PROFIT, and…
See It Sells Fast Like Wildfire?


Very few people know this—it’s actually been one of the biggest secrets of Walmart purchasing managers: a SMALL thing can make BIG money, and contribute a major part to total revenue.

This is like intensive gardening, as commercially practiced in the suburbs of Paris, France.

Such gardens average only about two acres each.

But of these two acres are taken annually more vegetables through intensive cultivation than could be taken from One Hundred acres by the usual methods. FIFTY TONS per acre is a common output yearly, like making vegetables by steam. In productiveness, they are among the wonders of the world.

By Making A Small Product INTENSIVE,
You Can Turn Such Intensive Gardening A Reality

This small product, we call it a piece of "Mini Engineering Paper Art".

A small thing, but can be a vehicle big enough to carry your brand, broadcast your story, and work as an ambassador to make your business memorable.

 In many times, it works like a miracle... Here are some true stories: 

  • NASA sells tens of thousands of one card, and make 400k dollars in annual revenue from that single card
  • CIT Institute use the personalized pop cards in their New Student Welcome package, and students just LOVE it before they set their first steps in school
  • Museum visitors even BEGGED for certain exhibit-related souvenir, and when it becomes available at a very affordable price, it quickly turns out to be the bestseller in their gift shop, and accounts for more than 15% of their monthly revenue
  • A Hollywood movie producer used a 3D pop card instead of traditional posters in premiere screen debut, and for the next 6 months it has been a most-asked-for present by audience for their children
  • And more…

We’ve witnessed these stories and have been part of them. And what most amazed us is:

 How People Could So Easily
Leave So Much Money On the Table

They just didn’t realize it: the value of their brand is not at all intangible—they can beautifully “harvest” it in certain ways. Once they’ve found the way, it can take so little efforts to develop a popular product.

They just don’t know that they can do it.

With the help of our top engineers and designers, we can make it happen, beyond your wild expectation…

Imagine how your customer will be touched to the heart by the first sight of it…it will make her smile, and appreciate your thoughtfulness in the message you sent. She could love it so much that she wants to bring it as gifts to her children, friends, parents, colleagues, and make known your name and your story.

Because it is such a lovely piece of art, she will put it on her desk at home, and look at it when she moves her eyes from her computer, and recall her last trip to your place, or last time she used your products. It becomes part of her life memories.

Just give your customers a new way to be friends with you, and love you…

This Good Relationship Alone
Worth GOLD!

You should USE ANY OPPORTUNITY to build a long-term relationship with your customers! This is not two birds with one stone. This is MANY birds with one little stone.

So, Why Choose Us? 

  • As a pioneer of 2nd generation paper artist, we use highly durable 200-gram hard paper, a “paper sculpture” quality, outmatching thin paper used by other manufacturers
  • We use industry-level 3D modeling software in our designing process for breathtaking details
  • We use the state-of-the-art laser cutting and engraving technologies
  • Our returning customer ratio reaches an amazing 85%!
  • Our clients include such big names as NASA, the Palace Museum, GE, Tencent, University of California, Fordham Museum, Canada Tourism Office, and more
  • We can SAVE YOUR TIME in new product development. No need to postpone your new product forever
  • Our employees love their jobs – for five years in a row, we have been selected as one of the Most Respected Employers in a joint survey by local newspaper and social security office…
  • And, most importantly… We’ve Got A WHOLE PACKAGE for Customization that you could not find anything even close elsewhere

And… it is super HASSLE-FREE!

Here is the AIT Customization Package we worked out specifically for you:

500 Pieces  $4.9-$5.9 per piece (think it as a deposit for following serial services)
>500 Pieces  10% Off!
>1000 Pieces 20% Off!
>2000 Pieces 30% Off!
>3000 Pieces 40% Off!
>4000 Pieces 50% Off!


  • No extra design fees!
  • Free business-oriented consulting during design!
  • Up to 3 improvement processes until to your complete satisfaction!
  • Beautiful gift packaging with each piece at No Extra Charge!
  • Equivalent pieces of customized flat card printing (as needed) at Extra 80% discount!
  • FREE BUSINESS CARDS! 200 top-quality, uniquely embossed, laser engraved, and grain-textured business cards with your logo! Rarely seen in market, totally FREE!
  • A Monthly Newsletter on Bestseller Paper Art Products in Market, and get Brand New Product Developing Ideas that could really be your Big Eyeopeners!
  • Offer exciting “derivative” product opportunities, like Wooden Paper Theaters, Woodcard models, and TearOut Paper Sculptures (aren’t we creative?), helping you develop an exhilarating bestseller collection!
  • And, Worldwide Fast Economy shipping makes timely delivery!

This offer is SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU. We are selecting a limited number of new potential customers. We will assign our very best designers to your project and make it a blow-away piece for YOUR customers! As inquiries build up, and customers return with more customizations, our resources allocated to this campaign is LIMITED—We might not be able to have this same offer again. DO ACT NOW!

Let’s INTENSIFY it, and make this small thing BIG—and your business prosper!


For customization requirements and details, please email or send them as attachments to Let’s start working on it TODAY!